The 14 Day List Building Challenge

Calling all Freelancers, Consultants and Solopreneurs

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is too…..

Grow your list FAST full of highly targeted prospects that convert into sales and repeat business for years to come.

Starts as soon as you join today!

Here's Just A Taste Of What You'll Learn...

Day 1.

Wendy Kier

Virtual Summit Expert

#KickStart  - Get instant access to my 21 day premium online training course to give your email marketing a mega boost.

Day 2.

Rob Wilson

The Bizsysman

Getting Your Squeeze Page Done and Dusted

Day 3.

Jenny Kovacs

The Queen of Being Seen

3 Keys to make Visibility Work for your Online Business (Which also makes you Money)

Day 4.

Victoria Player

The Biz Fashionista

How to Be the Queen Bee of Your Own List Building Videos

Day 5.

Karen Williams

Business Book Mentor

Why being an expert book author will dramatically boost your list

Day 6.

Wendy Kier

Virtual Summit Expert

How to profit with online partnerships

Day 7.

Tracy Mason

Business & Marketing Skills Expert For Therapists

How to position yourself as an expert and grow your list via a targeted free report/gift

Day 8.

Lyndsey Whiteside

Inspired PR

Grow Your List through PR

Day 9.

Stephanie Ann Adams

MYOB Counselor

How to get your ideal clients begging to be on your list using a Telesummit

Day 10.

Naomi Martell-Bundock

The Mindset Mentor

Making your mind up: Set yourself for list-building success

So, why you should join today?

In a nut-shell, now is the PERFECT time for you to focus on creating a profitable email list – start bringing in more sales and making some serious money for years to come.

You really don’t need to struggle anymore with the idea of making this a reality - Feeling frustrated because you don’t know which idea to start with or how to start.

Plus take action each day in our Top Secret Facebook group, be held accountable and connect live with our experts.


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Discover dozens of shortcuts to help you grow your BUYER'S LIST FAST


Create a PROFITABLE list full of people who are ready to buy what it is you have to offer


Download £1000's of additional list building TRAINING RESOURCES


Learn from the best in the industry with my carefully HANDPICKED list building experts

Here's what you are going to get

Have a dead or unresponsive email list? Get instant access to my premium training course #KickStart: Value £55.00

Receive access to brand new exclusive premium training by one of my carefully selected experts each day.

Join our social share competition and have a chance to win the premium online training: List Building Made Easy Online Course: Value £55.00.


Seen as a leading authority, the UK's Go-to Virtual Summit Expert.

Wendy has combined her love for working virtually with technology and marketing to monetise Virtual Summits and online events. She is a British author with over 1700 students worldwide from 95 different countries.

Wendy is a gifted Dyslexic entrepreneur living in the beautiful city of Brighton with partner Steve and her two cats.


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